Responding to the tax debate

Labour’s response to the debate on tax avoidance should speak to fairness and social justice whilst being proportionate and pro-business. This would help to lay a path to the sort of ‘big tent” politics that could reach deep into a watchful middle England whilst at the same time re-connecting with voters north of the border…. Read More »

End False Self-Employment in Construction Industry

Darren was taken on by an employment agency in 2010 to work as a labourer on a major hospital building project in Scotland for which he was paid slightly less than £8 per hour. The agency took his bank details and told him that the payroll company who were paying him would deduct £22 per… Read More »

New Freelancing Tax Model Would Boost Innovation and Growth

I’d like to say ‘Happy National Freelancers’ Day’ to the 1.56m freelancers in the UK, which is one in 20 people in the workforce and so we all probably know someone. A new report by Prof. Andrew Burke of Cranfield University has stated “freelancers not only play a significant role in developing innovation, their work… Read More »