Let’s stamp out the idea that Labour is anti-business

Stephen Kinnock MP and Hamish Sandison, Chair of Labour Business, outline how to bust the myth that Labour is anti-business. First published in Labour List, Thursday 13th May Last week, London was Boris Johnson’s London. This week, London is a changed city, a Labour London – Sadiq Khan’s London. There is much we can and should… Read More »

One Nation Labour: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Talent and Innovation

What do Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff Ice and Guinness all have in common? They are all made by Diageo, which is one of the worlds largest drinks company who recently hosted an LFIG business reception with Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. The company’s international headquarters, situated in the London Borough of Brent… Read More »

Low Carbon Energy Needs Clear Signals and Stability from Government

“The nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy ” (President Barack Obama State of the Union address, January 27, 2010). We have all heard this or similar, time and time again. However whether we are convinced is another story. In the backdrop of a global economic… Read More »

Innovate to WIn, Graphene’s Huge Jobs Potential

“The first step in winning the future,” declared President Obama, “is encouraging American innovation”. So how is the UK doing in the area of winning the future? Sadly, the answer is, “not very well” as evidenced by the feeble patent output coming from the UK in hugely important fields of endeavor such as graphene research…. Read More »

Recognise Inventors, Make UK Patents National Assets

Ed Miliband has stated that he wants Labour to be the party of the small business and the self employed.  A sensible approach because over half of UK turnover is generated by small business and there are nearly 5 million such businesses.  Policies which help just half of such companies employ just one more person… Read More »

Surf Solar Energy Wave for Manufacturing Jobs Growth

Solar energy just won’t go away and remains an irritant for those who want big headline energy generation projects that will give us a secure supply of electricity, solve the climate change problem and reduce the cost of electricity all in one go. If only it was that easy. In research I remind my students… Read More »

Enterprising State Needed for Innovation-Driven Economic Growth

The  economic slump is not going away. The Coalition government likes to say that the glue holding it together is its commitment to eliminating the structural public deficit over four years. But its confidence that deficit reduction alone boosts private investment and innovation is waning. There is a marked change of tone; a recognition that… Read More »

Education Key to Innovation in Czech SME Sector

In my last article I described the impact of a needless and ideology-driven austerity agenda on the Czech Republic. The economy has experienced a sharp downturn in the past year and exports have been the main source of growth. Without the export market the situation would have been much worse. So let’s take a look… Read More »

From Local Innovation to Growing Global Market Share

How do we exploit innovation to boost national economic vitality? One way is to be conversant with the rules that govern innovation on a national and international level. More specifically, we need to understand the implications directly leading from rules governing commercial exploitation of innovation on the national and international stage. As someone once wrote,… Read More »