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  • Corporation Governance Inquiry

    Corporation Governance Inquiry

      Written Evidence submitted by David Offenbach Vice-Chair, Labour Business (formerly Labour Finance and Industry Group) (Chair 2011 to 2015) in a personal capacity 25th October 2016   I write from my experience as a Solicitor acting for public, private and not for profit companies and as a former non-executive Director of a Stock Exchange... Read More »Read More »
  • The Kerslake Review of the Treasury

    The Kerslake Review of the Treasury

    Working on the Kerslake Review of the Treasury Through Labour Business, I joined the Kerslake Treasury Review Team in April 2016, about seven months after the project started. I worked on the project part-time until struck down by a particularly vicious flu bug at Christmas 2016. I have previously worked on a number of other... Read More »Read More »
  • The Labour Party and Business – Partners for a New Growth

    The Labour Party and Business – Partners for a New Growth

    Labour Business would be the first to admit that Labour’s pro-business credentials took a serious hit in the 2015 General Election. Labour was perceived as an “anti-business” party, which is one of the reasons why we lost. Whether that perception is fair or not is another matter. But as we know, perception is all in modern politics. To win... Read More »Read More »
  • Policies for London

    Policies for London

    Sadiq Khan has shown his  “pro-business” credentials far more that his Tory rival. Labour Business (LFIG) supports Sadiq and offers a number of business policy proposals in support of his campaign for a fairer and more prosperous London economy.  Sadiq has welcomed our proposals and promised to study them carefully. Devised by business experts, the Labour Business Policies... Read More »Read More »
  • Report: The Freelancing Agenda

    Report: The Freelancing Agenda

    A new LFIG report calls for freelancing to be placed at the heart of the Labour party’s policy agenda. “Freelancers and the self-employed deserve to have their own policy agenda and framework” says Philip Ross author of the new Labour Finance and Industry Report entitled ‘The Freelancing Agenda’ and he suggests that. “Labour is a strong... Read More »Read More »
  • Report: A Socially Responsible Procurement Policy

    Report: A Socially Responsible Procurement Policy

    This report, prepared for the Labour Finance and Industry Group and the Society of Labour Lawyers by an authoritative task force of lawyers, procurement professionals, trade union officers and business experts, busts the myth that only economic criteria can be taken into account when buying goods and services for the public sector and calls on Labour to introduce a procurement policy that delivers social value and community benefits as well as competitive prices for public contracts.Read More »
  • Takeovers and the Public Interest: Responsible Capitalism in Practice

    Takeovers and the Public Interest: Responsible Capitalism in Practice

    Contrasting the levels and nature of takeovers in the UK with other economies, this paper argues, therefore, that a more progressive approach to corporate regulation needs to look at how takeovers operate. Misaligned takeover regimes can unbalance an economy by encouraging financial gains at the cost of industrial and social losses. It is recommended that current institutions and regulatory regimes are not adequate and that a broader public interest test for certain takeovers should be reintroduced and applied through a new independent body and test.Read More »
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