The economy relies on finance and industry to create the wealth, to employ people and to pay taxes that enable the government to redistribute wealth to those who need it most, and it is the job of politics to change society.

  • Women now form 46% of the economically active workforce.
  • Women account for 55% of university graduates in Europe but their employment rate is 21% lower than men.
  • According to the European commission, the average wage gap between men and women is 15%.
  • Women occupy only 12.2% of board seats of the FTSE 100 and only 5.5% are executive directors.
  • Women are less likely to have full-time jobs; 33% of women work part time compared to 7% of men.
  • Women’s policy comes from the left but most of their votes go to the right.

Want to help us do something about it? Does gender diversity need our special attention?


Please contact the group chair, Lorina Pilgrim, for more information about the group’s activities.

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