Since the General Election in 2010 we have held two LFIG Manifesto Group meetings.  We in LFIG feel that even if the Coalition of the Liberals and the Conservatives last the full term of this parliament, it is important to be prepared in the event of a snap election if there was a major falling out between the Liberals and the Conservatives.  We wish to be ready to offer the Labour Leadership a raft of ideas and policy suggestions even at short notice.

The LFIG Manifesto Group was set up in 2009 and in the run up to the last General Election there were a number of meetings in Portcullis House and in Downing Street, including meetings with Senior Advisers to the Prime Minister and Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, who was in charge of the team drafting the Labour Party Manifesto.

Ed Miliband MP, Stephen Gruneberg (chair) and members of LFIG Manifesto Study Group discuss proposed items to go into Labour Party manifesto.


Our meetings have been lively and have covered a variety of policy areas, mainly in the fields of finance and industry, though other areas of policy have also been discussed. In all, the LFIG Manifesto Group has put forward over 50 policy proposals to the team working on the manifesto.

The aim of the Manifesto Group was and continues to be to suggest specific practical suggestions and solutions, backed up with reasons and arguments in support. The LFIG Manifesto Group, like all members of LFIG and all those working in all our Policy and Study Groups, are committed to working for the return of the Labour Government.

We shall be holding several meetings a year and all members of LFIG are invited to join in our discussions and put forward their own ideas for inclusion in the LFIG Manifesto proposals for the next General Election.


If you are interested in joining it its activities and meetings, please contact the Chair of the Manifesto Policy, Stephen Gruneberg at for information about future meetings.

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