Chair: Katharine Slocombe

The group focuses on :

  • Helping businesses operate in a sustainable way, compatible with Labour’s Green Agenda, a way that protects jobs and enhances social wellbeing while preserving profitability.

Our 4 areas of focus:

1- Creating and fostering a new kind of growth, away from the traditional measures of success based on financial growth at all costs, leading to a "cancerous growth" against ethical and environmental principles. These short-term measures need to give way to long-term, ethical measures of success that will be built upon ethical considerations, with at its core, environmental preservation.

2- The environmental issues are global, and solutions will be global. Britain needs to proudly show the way to a greener economy. To do this, we need to look for good examples beyond our borders and focus on areas where Britain can influence the global community. Shifting the responsibility for the carbon tax from producing country to consuming countries (embedded carbon) was one example.

3- Though pushing for a green agenda it is our responsibility, each one of us, Parliament needs to be the driver for major, and often difficult shifts across a wide range of industries and regulations. When the fire is raging, we can not simply, in Clive Lewis' words "incrementally decrease the amount of petrol we pour on the fire", we need strong actions very quickly, for instance around aviation and the automotive industry or building regulations.

4- Finally, on a more positive note, changes lead to new opportunities: R&D has a large role to play and will define the resilience of our future industries. We need new skills, new companies and new business models. It gives the opportunity for smaller players and regions to claim a larger share of the future economy.

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Green Agenda Policy Group
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