The government is making wide-ranging radical changes to the education provision without adequate consultation or engagement with the professions, or research into the likely outcomes. We are seeking through the establishment of this study group to sharpen the debate, pose challenging questions and to help develop alternative approaches.


The potential scope of study is very wide and the first task of the group will be to focus the agenda onto areas of importance where LFIG expertise is available. These are likely to include:

  • Employment related issues: the specification and development of employment skills; training; support for the unemployed; engagement with industry.
  • Economic development issues: research, knowledge transfer, regional development, engagement with industry.
  • Student access, widening participation, the funding of individuals, the issue of student debt.
  • The funding of the national infrastructure: the financial viability of institutions, diversity of mission, governance.


To get involved in the Education Policy Group, please contact the group chair, David Miles.

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