The Culture, Media and Sport Policy Group emerged directly out of the Creative Industries Study Group, which was formed within LFIG in 2008.

The group looks to develop policy ideas and produce material that directly supports the Shadow Minister and her colleagues as they challenge the government in opposition, whilst offering a viable and ready alternative set of policies in the event that the coalition does not last its full term.

Since November 2010 we have been concentrating on two areas of policy that have emerged from our meetings. These have been in the areas of intellectual property and the media and the creative industries relationship to economic growth, the economy and education.

Both of these areas have involved seeking contributions from experts in the field, for example by holding a seminar at Portcullis House between members of LFIG and outside experts.

We have met with Dan Jarvis the Shadow Minister for the Arts and have made a direct contribution to his arts policy review.


The group is open to all members of LFIG and welcomes contributions from them to our activities and meetings.  In particular we welcome people with a background in the creative industries and sport.  If you are not a member of LFIG but are interested in becoming involved in this group, please contact the Chair of the LFIG Culture, Media and Sport Policy Group directly.

Phil McCauley, Chair

Anthony Shrubsall, Vice Chair

John Maguire, Secretary

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