LFIG’s Communities & Local Government Policy Group has been formed to play a part in the fight against the hugely detrimental socio-economic trends and policy proposals in the UK regeneration and housing sectors.

The recession and the Coalition Government’s actions have combined to place impossible burdens on both sectors.

The Group is keen to play a role in encouraging longer term thinking and sustainable investment by the private sector, and promoting a new realism on the part of local authorities and other organisations.

The Group’s aims are:

  • To work closely with the Shadow team in exposing the Conservative-led Government’s lack of coherent housing and regeneration policies
  • To put forward realistic and viable policy alternatives for putting the UK’s  regeneration and housing sectors back on their feet again, through effective policy delivery.
  • To bring together like-minded finance and industry leaders, researchers and commentators to put LFIG’s proposals to the politicians, the public and the media

Earlier work

It builds upon an impressive legacy of earlier work by LFIG’s Regeneration Study Group. This includes the 2006 report, “Effective Regeneration Action” (ERA), credited with influencing HM Treasury thinking on sub-regional investment; extensive information meetings and hearings with sector leaders; and many years  developing relationships with key politicians and their advisors.

Members of the Group include prominent business and finance sector participants, consultants and academic commentators.

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