The BIS Group focuses on issues which come under the remit of the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, and hence of Chuka Umunna’s shadow ministerial team.

This includes for example higher education but not schools, and most business sectors except where there is a specific department, such as energy, transport or creative industries.

Our main aim is to provide private advice to the shadow team and to others within the party. Our focus is on helping them to get Labour re-elected by establishing Labour as the party which is best positioned to create economic growth and jobs. That requires showing that we genuinely understand business, innovation and skills, whereas the Tories do not.


We do this by writing briefing papers and by meeting with shadow ministers and their advisers. We normally meet in the evening on the last Wednesday of the month, except for the end of July.

All members of LFIG are welcome, but especially those who would like to play a role in the group going forward.


Those who would like to attend the group’s meetings can email the chair of the group, Richard Holt, in order to receive further details. All colleagues who would like to join the group, but who are unable to make the meeting can similarly email Richard to let him know about their interest.

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