Policy Groups

Policy Groups contribute significantly to the work of Labour Business through discussion, reports and papers.

The Policy Groups are named after Government Ministries in order to liaise with the Labour shadow front bench teams.  The actual work of each Policy Group is determined by its Chair and the interests of its members.

Join a Policy Group

Labour Business members, and those who would like to be members of Labour Business, are most welcome to join any of the Policy Groups. Please contact the Chair of the relevant Policy Group - their contact details are at the end of each Policy Group page.

If you would like to submit your contribution, ideas, research, empirical study, feedback and suggestions, please feel welcome to do so.

If you need any help regarding Policy Groups, please contact Policy Group Coordinator Anthony Shrubsall at a.shrubsall@lfig.org.

Policy Groups

  • Health

    Details of the Health Policy Group and our meetings will shortly be posted. Contact For any information please contact the Health Policy Group chair, Harry Clarke. Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+
  • Working Women

    The economy relies on finance and industry to create the wealth, to employ people and to pay taxes that enable the government to redistribute wealth to those who need it most, and it is the job of politics to change society. Women now form 46% of the economically active workforce. Women account for 55% of university... Read More »
  • Education

    The government is making wide-ranging radical changes to the education provision without adequate consultation or engagement with the professions, or research into the likely outcomes. We are seeking through the establishment of this study group to sharpen the debate, pose challenging questions and to help develop alternative approaches. Issues The potential scope of study is... Read More »
  • Treasury

    Details to follow about the LFIG Treasury Policy Group’s activities. Contact Please contact the chair, Michael Lister for further information. Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+
  • Transport

    Members with expertise and experience of the transport industry and those who understand the importance of transport to social inclusion and economic regeneration are welcome to join the activities of the LFIG Transport Group. Contact Please contact the group chair, Mike Parker, for more information on this group’s activities. Share this post: on Twitter on... Read More »
  • Energy and Climate Change

    The energy committee considers current and future development of energy and climate change policy. We provide papers and critical analysis to the Shadow Energy and Climate Change team, and insight for wider LFIG committees where appropriate. Contact All members of LFIG are welcome, but especially those who would like to play a role in the... Read More »
  • Business Innovation and Skills

    The BIS Group focuses on issues which come under the remit of the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, and hence of Chuka Umunna’s shadow ministerial team. This includes for example higher education but not schools, and most business sectors except where there is a specific department, such as energy, transport or creative industries. Our... Read More »
  • Labour Business in Wales

      Geraint Davies selected Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Swansea West – download articlein .pdf format.Wales Labour Party Conference:To read more, please click here Chair: Geraint Davies44 Westport Ave, Mayals, Swansea, SA3 5EQ Web: www.geraintdavies.org Presentation of the Wales Economic Manifesto Summary Geraint Davies, Chair of LFIG Wales presented our Wales Economic Manifesto Summary for the Welsh Assembly elections to... Read More »
  • Culture, Media and Sport

    The Culture, Media and Sport Policy Group emerged directly out of the Creative Industries Study Group, which was formed within LFIG in 2008. The group looks to develop policy ideas and produce material that directly supports the Shadow Minister and her colleagues as they challenge the government in opposition, whilst offering a viable and ready... Read More »
  • Communities & Local Government

    LFIG’s Communities & Local Government Policy Group has been formed to play a part in the fight against the hugely detrimental socio-economic trends and policy proposals in the UK regeneration and housing sectors. The recession and the Coalition Government’s actions have combined to place impossible burdens on both sectors. The Group is keen to play... Read More »
  • Manifesto

    Since the General Election in 2010 we have held two LFIG Manifesto Group meetings.  We in LFIG feel that even if the Coalition of the Liberals and the Conservatives last the full term of this parliament, it is important to be prepared in the event of a snap election if there was a major falling... Read More »
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