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  • Annual Dinner 2017

    Annual Dinner 2017

    The Library of the Reform Club in London was full to capacity on December 5th with 120 guests attending the 2017 Annual Dinner of Labour Business. (all videos courtesy of Guests heard a rallying cry from Labour Business ChairRead More »
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s message of support to Labour Business

    Jeremy Corbyn’s message of support to Labour Business

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has thrown his weight behind an ambitious campaign to win over business support for Labour. In a video message to Labour Business members, he says Labour’s economic strategy is aimed at delivering a fairer, more prosperousRead More »

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  • Our Members’ Views on Brexit

    Our Members’ Views on Brexit

    We are keen to understand our members’ views on key issues that affect the country and the Labour Party. We present below the outcome of our fist survey focusing on Brexit. The first 3 questions will be re-occurring throughout theRead More »
  • The Cost of Uncertainty

    The Cost of Uncertainty

    By Karen Landles Our economic trends since Brexit have been better than expected. Consumers are spending, seemingly fed up of austerity. So why then is the market holding back, showing such uncertainty?  Since Brexit we have seen a falling pound,Read More »

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  • Corporation Governance Inquiry

    Corporation Governance Inquiry

      Written Evidence submitted by David Offenbach Vice-Chair, Labour Business (formerly Labour Finance and Industry Group) (Chair 2011 to 2015) in a personal capacity 25th October 2016   I write from my experience as a Solicitor acting for public, privateRead More »
  • The Kerslake Review of the Treasury

    The Kerslake Review of the Treasury

    Working on the Kerslake Review of the Treasury Through Labour Business, I joined the Kerslake Treasury Review Team in April 2016, about seven months after the project started. I worked on the project part-time until struck down by a particularlyRead More »
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