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Kindly complete the following form if you are already an LFIG member and you would like to update your membership record including your personal details and areas of interest:


Did you know you can pay your membership fee online?

If you have not already completed a standing order form, please click here to download a payment form and post it to the Treasurer.

For purpose of continuity, please complete the payment form so that we can set up a Bankers Standing Order for collection of subscriptions for future years.  This would save administration costs and avoid any subscription delays.  Membership fees are collected every 1st January.

Did you know you can also now donate to LFIG.  You can even let us know how you wish for your donation to be spent so you know it will be put to good use.  Visit www.lfig.org/donate.

For additional queries, please send our LFIG Membership Secretary an e-mail and they will contact you about membership.

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