Policy and Networking

LFIG runs a series of policy groups on a variety of policy briefs as well as organising events throughout the country, whether policy-based or social, sometimes independently, and sometimes in partnership with other organisations and businesses. We give priority to our members when attending these events.

With the Coalition government failing to get Britain’s ailing economy on the right tracks and losing the confidence of the business and enterprise community, it falls onto Labour to provide support and solutions to help get Britain on the right track again.

LFIG Monthly

A full colour monthly magazine containing contributions from esteemed writers from the worlds of business, finance, academia and frontline politics, as well as summaries of past LFIG events and ventures, and information about forthcoming ventures.

Meet and Dine

LFIG holds a number of dining and lunch events throughout the year with senior personalities from the Labour Party and enterprise worlds. These are great ways to meet, network and develop contacts within the world of business and enterprise.

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