Self-Employed Face Strong “Cost of Living” Headwinds

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Almost every week I seem to come across a story in the press about some super executives and their mega salaries which are meekly justified by their board members who insist that they are worth the money. The myth is that the recovery is being driven by some sort of battalion of super star executives…. Read More »

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Use Procurement to Boost Women-led Small Business

At the end of March, Llandudno will be hosting the Welsh Labour conference. It will be a great opportunity to highlight our policies – and provide a welcome boost to the small and medium sized companies that are the mainstay of the local economy. There are plenty of excellent local businesses for visitors to try:… Read More »

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Women in Business, Leaky Pipeline Needs Repairing

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Recently, Chuka Umunna rightly talked of the unacceptable “ceiling” women face in reaching the top of their business. Looking at the McKinsey report, “Women Matter”, we can see that men are three times as likely to be promoted into middle management as women, then two times as likely to take the next step, then twice… Read More »

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Getting More Women into the Boardroom, The Approach of a Patient Nation

by Eva Tutchell and John Edmonds; 19 November 2013 Men hold most of the positions of power in British industry.  That is common knowledge but the full extent of male dominance is sometimes obscured by a cunning use of percentages. We are told that the number of women on FTSE100 boards has gone up by… Read More »

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New Food Engineering Degree Careers Catalyst for Women

The LFIG event with the Fabian Women’s Network at Labour Party Conference on women in the economy highlighted how slow progress has been in getting women into positions of power in businesses in the UK. I am pleased to say that in our industry – food and drink manufacturing, things are changing. We now have… Read More »

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Women and Skills: The Paula Principle

One of the curious features of the current economic mess is the way employment appears to have held up. We have worryingly high levels of youth unemployment, but given the flatlining of the economy over several years, it is at first sight surprising that overall unemployment is not higher than it is. But underlying this… Read More »

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New Business Model, Maximising Human Potential Where all Thrive

I have setup, successfully run and successfully sold businesses for the best part of too long to remember.  Now as a consultant working with leadership teams I encourage managers to be aware of the four levels of competence: Unconsciously Incompetent– because you are totally unaware that you need to improve Consciously Incompetent– so you are… Read More »

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Empowering Women in Business and the Workplace

Let me share one story of a woman I have been working with after her husband asked me for help. An experienced senior manager in Retail with MS she was ecstatic on learning she was pregnant when she had given up hope. She went to her employer on a Thursday with the news; the following… Read More »

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