Responding to the tax debate

Labour’s response to the debate on tax avoidance should speak to fairness and social justice whilst being proportionate and pro-business. This would help to lay a path to the sort of ‘big tent” politics that could reach deep into a watchful middle England whilst at the same time re-connecting with voters north of the border…. Read More »

A Dynamic Rebalanced Economy Supporting Strong Public Finances

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A BETTER PLAN FOR BUSINESS: A Dynamic, Rebalanced Economy with Strong Public Finances The first day of the 2015 general election campaign saw Ed Miliband launch Labour’s compelling Plan for British Business at Bloomberg’s in London. His overarching vision is one where our business sector succeeds when working people succeed. Focusing on the great strengths… Read More »

Editorial: On Course…for the Rocks

on course for rocks autumn statement 2014

The Chancellor declared in his Autumn Statement that Britain was on course for a budget surplus, growth and national recovery. Yet at the outset he had staked his credibility on removing the deficit within this Parliament. Not only has the government failed in this overarching goal, but the deficit is unlikely to be eliminated until… Read More »

North Sea Oil and Gas Challenge: Maximising Economic Recovery

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It has long been argued Britain has not made the most of our North Sea oil and gas reserves since the major fields were first discovered in the 1960s. Thatcher famously used up £166bn in North Sea proceeds on tax cuts and spending in the 1980s, rather than investing in a Norwegian-style sovereign wealth fund, for example.

Britain’s SME’s, Drivers of Economic Recovery

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Globalization can bring the threat of a weakened SME sector, since its role in direct exporting is less than proportional to its size; economies of scale is important in the international commerce. But with small businesses being so key to the economy, it is essential we continue to support their efforts and don’t leave them… Read More »

How Illicit Tobacco Trading Hits Small Retail Sector, Challenges to Tax Policy

The illicit trade in tobacco cost HM Treasury up to £2.9bn (1) in 2012/13, equivalent to £7.9m per day in lost revenue. Smuggling on this scale can be traced back to the early 1990s when the introduction of an above inflation ‘duty escalator’ in combination with the creation of the Single Market, led to a rapid… Read More »

Labour in Tune with Small Business Aspiration

Labour small business

LFIG had the enviable problem of having a room that was too small for their fringe meeting on small business at the Labour Party conference. It was standing room only as sixty plus people packed into the room to hear the full Labour panel answering questions on “An Enterprising Nation : How Labour can deliver… Read More »

G8 Transparency and Accountability in Taxation and Extractive Industries

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Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA and the UK met at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit 2013.The G8 brings together eight global leaders to address international issues and tackle challenges faced globally such as tax compliance, transparency and trade. Taxation was at the top of the agenda for… Read More »

A One Nation Tax System, Fair Taxation for Rebuilding Britain

As Ed Miliband outlined in his ‘Rebuilding Britain with a One Nation economy’ speech earlier this year, the next Labour Government will put a fairer tax system at the heart of its priorities.  This is crucial if we are to create the foundations for a sustainable, long-term recovery that is made by the many, and… Read More »