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Welsh Labour Supporting Our Dairy Farmers

rebecca evans dairy farming wales

Our dairy industry is facing real challenges. For several years there has been volatility in the farmgate milk price and a general increase in the cost of production, such that the margin on milk has been small and variable. This situation has led to a lack of confidence, resulting in low investment in farm infrastructure… Read More »

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Self-Employed Face Strong “Cost of Living” Headwinds

lfig ross burke freelancers

Almost every week I seem to come across a story in the press about some super executives and their mega salaries which are meekly justified by their board members who insist that they are worth the money. The myth is that the recovery is being driven by some sort of battalion of super star executives…. Read More »

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SMEs and the Nuclear Industry: A Case Study from Sellafield

max silver sme cumbria

On LFIG’s trip to West Cumbria we were given a glimpse of the interplay between the nuclear industry and local SMEs. The nuclear industry dominates the West Cumbrian economy, and has led to the development of an ecosystem of SMEs. These SMEs are predominantly engineering firms – firms that sell intelligent products and services into… Read More »

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Harnessing Community Funding to Boost Start-Ups

ryan carter lfig crowdfunding

Britain’s economy faces a major problem, one which stifles aspiring entrepreneurs’ ability to reach their personal goals. The problem centres on the inability of start-ups and small firms to get the funds they need, whether to grow, to develop ideas or to complete an essential patenting process. Small businesses generally only succeed after years of… Read More »

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The Importance of Being Entrepreneurial

entrepreneurship education

At the Inclusive Prosperity Conference earlier this month, Ed Miliband firmly voiced his support for business adding that ‘dynamic entrepreneurship is key to our future success.’ Traditionally, it is the Conservatives who have been perceived as the party of choice for business. Labour, however, is determined to prove that it still means business and if… Read More »

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Towards a More Resilient, SME Friendly Rural Economy

Jack Eddy Rural Policy

As a One Nation Labour Party we need to expand our horizons beyond haphazard thinking on rural issues in order to secure a sustainable economy for Britain’s countryside and reach out to the rural electorate. What must be recognised is that rural areas are subject to an intrinsic ‘separation’, a root cause of so many… Read More »

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Global Rules v UK Public Interest: New Companies Commission Needed

companies commission fearnley

It is now recognised in the UK that International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) mandated by the EU along with the voluntary adoption by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of International Auditing Standards (ISAs) in 2005 contributed significantly to the financial crisis by allowing banks to overstate profits and asset values.

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