The Dawn of Virtuous Finance and the Public Good

david phillips global financial stability

EDITORIAL: Yet another major financial institution made the headlines recently with Lloyds Banking Group’s £218 million fine, paid to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and various US financial regulators over its manipulation of LIBOR and the Special Liquidity Scheme, a rate used by the Bank of England. These follow similarly hefty fines by other… Read More »

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True and Fair Way, Setting Gold Standard for Investment and Pensions

true and fair campaign pensions uk miller

The savings and investment industry is a vital one as no government will be able to plug the savings gap crisis or the alarming increase in pension poverty – in Britain, it’s simply not a good place to grow old. Readers may well know the statistics – we have 1.8 million pensioners living in poverty… Read More »

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Auto Enrolment Needs Strong Regulation and Putting Savers First

The UK is in the midst of an occupational pensions revolution as 10 million people are automatically enrolled in a workplace pension for the first time. Labour started this revolution. The last Government was the author of auto-enrolment and began the process of exposing rip off pension charges by introducing both stakeholder pensions and the… Read More »

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