Corporate Responsibility

Empower Football Fans with Seats on Club Boards

peter ashurst football fans boardroom seats

Shadow Sports Minister Clive Efford has said football fans need to be involved in the organisation of their clubs. The recently announced plans to give football fans some control of their club should be welcomed by football fans and non-football fans alike. Whilst many people who are not fans of the beautiful game may ponder… Read More »

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The Dawn of Virtuous Finance and the Public Good

david phillips global financial stability

EDITORIAL: Yet another major financial institution made the headlines recently with Lloyds Banking Group’s £218 million fine, paid to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and various US financial regulators over its manipulation of LIBOR and the Special Liquidity Scheme, a rate used by the Bank of England. These follow similarly hefty fines by other… Read More »

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Global Rules v UK Public Interest: New Companies Commission Needed

companies commission fearnley

It is now recognised in the UK that International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) mandated by the EU along with the voluntary adoption by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of International Auditing Standards (ISAs) in 2005 contributed significantly to the financial crisis by allowing banks to overstate profits and asset values.

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Give Policy Initiatives a Human Face

policy with a human face

As LFIG grows in membership and influence its views on policy are ever more widely sought. This is a sign of success as LFIG is able to draw more and more upon an increasingly expert network of specialists.  As evidence of this, the LFIF paper on Takeovers was taken up by the authoritative Policy Network… Read More »

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Reform Energy Market "Cartel", Deliver for all Stakeholders

aidan bell energy market reform

Ed Miliband’s conference speech shone a well needed spotlight on the cost of living crisis that is accompanying the long overdue economic recovery – and particularly on fuel poverty. The proposed 20 month price freeze seeks to take on the “Big Six” energy companies – and fundamentally reform the electricity market. What do we mean… Read More »

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G8 Transparency and Accountability in Taxation and Extractive Industries

roxana andrusca political engagement

Leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, USA and the UK met at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit 2013.The G8 brings together eight global leaders to address international issues and tackle challenges faced globally such as tax compliance, transparency and trade. Taxation was at the top of the agenda for… Read More »

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Corporate Takeovers and the Public Interest

takeovers and mergers, public interest

A high level of corporate takeover activity has long been a feature of the British financial landscape. But who benefits from this vibrant market? In a recent paper for Policy Network (1), my co-authors and I ask whether high levels of takeover activity really work to the long-term benefit of the British economy, and society…. Read More »

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A One Nation Tax System, Fair Taxation for Rebuilding Britain

As Ed Miliband outlined in his ‘Rebuilding Britain with a One Nation economy’ speech earlier this year, the next Labour Government will put a fairer tax system at the heart of its priorities.  This is crucial if we are to create the foundations for a sustainable, long-term recovery that is made by the many, and… Read More »

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Auto Enrolment Needs Strong Regulation and Putting Savers First

The UK is in the midst of an occupational pensions revolution as 10 million people are automatically enrolled in a workplace pension for the first time. Labour started this revolution. The last Government was the author of auto-enrolment and began the process of exposing rip off pension charges by introducing both stakeholder pensions and the… Read More »

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End False Self-Employment in Construction Industry

Darren was taken on by an employment agency in 2010 to work as a labourer on a major hospital building project in Scotland for which he was paid slightly less than £8 per hour. The agency took his bank details and told him that the payroll company who were paying him would deduct £22 per… Read More »

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