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The £1.8 trillion question: what should a pro-business Labour Party sound like?

The scale of Labour’s election loss in May came as a shock to many of us, myself included. But in retrospect, the polls had warned us that Labour substantially trailed the Conservatives on economic competence for much of the last parliament. That simply meant voters were loath to hand us stewardship of the UK economy,… Read More »

Labour the Party for Innovators and Business

Brodie Houlette innovation and growth

Forget the Coalition’s rhetoric – Wales is a Labour success story with innovation and long-term thinking at its heart. The Welsh Government headed by Carwyn Jones AM shows the rest of our Labour family how to run a successful government in times of austerity and spiteful cuts from Whitehall. Labour must not forget that it… Read More »

UK Schengen Opt-out Bad for British Business

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Those who plan for a city to achieve great empire ought with all industry to endeavour to make it full of inhabitants, for without this abundance of men, one can never succeed in making a city great.  Niccolò Machiavelli, Discourses on Livy In Discourses on Livy, Niccolo Machiavelli analyzed the writings of the early Roman… Read More »

More Inclusive Britain in a Schumpeterian Future

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The progressive think-tank Policy Network recently published ‘Owning the Future: how Britain can make it in a fast-changing world’, a collection edited by Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna. It includes insights from fourteen business and union leaders, economists and politicians on Britain’s economic prospects and challenges. Owning the Future notes that the consumerist global middle… Read More »

Space Hub Cumbria – an Overlooked Innovation Powerhouse

Brodie Houlette innovation and growth

As barrier costs to space continue to fall with increasingly commercial launch options and reduced insurance premiums, the small and medium enterprises in the space sector are set to blast off. The Government rightly identified the growth of the UK space sector in its announcement to find a horizontal launch facility in the UK to… Read More »

Self-Employed Face Strong “Cost of Living” Headwinds

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Almost every week I seem to come across a story in the press about some super executives and their mega salaries which are meekly justified by their board members who insist that they are worth the money. The myth is that the recovery is being driven by some sort of battalion of super star executives…. Read More »

West Cumbria: The Final Frontier?

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Sometimes seeing your world through the eyes of an outsider is useful: I was once a stranger to this coast but that was 15 years ago. So I accompanied LFIG on a trip to see, I thought, the nuclear industry. LFIG members report having observed innovative, outstanding engineering, world class construction, the space industry and… Read More »

Big Rig: Britain a Nation that Makes Things Again

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I left wanting to retrain as a Plumber. That was no small achievement for Britain’s Energy Coast Construction Skills Centre (“BECCSC”). I was an “academic” student at secondary school: I excelled at writing and in core academic subjects. I never took to CDT (Craft, Design and Technology): I had no spatial awareness and was cack-handed with… Read More »

The Importance of Being Entrepreneurial

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At the Inclusive Prosperity Conference earlier this month, Ed Miliband firmly voiced his support for business adding that ‘dynamic entrepreneurship is key to our future success.’ Traditionally, it is the Conservatives who have been perceived as the party of choice for business. Labour, however, is determined to prove that it still means business and if… Read More »

Why EU support is vital for SMEs in Wales

Ninety nine percent of businesses in Wales are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and the EU plays a major role in supporting these companies by providing funding through a wide range of programmes to help develop a skilled workforce and create new and innovative products. SMEs can receive Structural Funding, apply for research and… Read More »