Business Liaison Officer

Labour Business, the Party’s affiliated business group, is inviting all CLPs in Britain to appoint your own Business Liaison Officer. Several CLPS have already done so. No rule change is required. You can just do it!

Be in no doubt. Labour Business believes that our economic, environmental, and social goals can only be realised by a strategic partnership between government, business, and the trades unions. So a key role of your CLP’s new Business Liaison Officer is to work with your existing Trade Union Liaison Officer to promote that strategic partnership.

And let’s not be coy. We need business support to win elections, and Sadiq Khan showed how a pro-business candidate can win elections for Labour.

Appoint your BuLO with Labour Business

Subscribe to Labour Business to give your BuLO all the support it needs for its tasks

What does a BuLO do?

It’s up to your CLP to decide what you want your Business Liaison Officer to do. Among other things, the role might include:

  • Identifying members of your CLP who are in business themselves – small, medium or large
  • Making an inventory of key local businesses and reaching out to show that you want to hear from them
  • Organising a business roundtable to find out what local businesses want from the party where we’re in government
  • Holding a joint meeting of local businesses and trade unions to discuss the value of partnership
  • Providing speakers to local business groups
  • Inviting local business leaders to meet local Labour
  • representatives – councillors, MPs, regional Mayors
  • Inputting to Labour’s National Policy Forum and regional/ local Labour policy forums on business issues

How to appoint your BuLO

  1. Have a think about whether there is a person on your General Committee or Executive Committee who fits the bill.
  2. Have a conversation with that person about the BuLO role and put them in touch with us if they want more information:
  3. Once you have identified your BuLO candidate, you will need to propose him / her for appointment by the CLP at your next meeting.
  4. The appointment should include an instruction to your CLP Treasurer to make payment of £30 as an annual subscription to Labour Business, which will qualify your CLP for all of our BuLO support services.
  5. We also hope, although it’s not compulsory, that your BuLO will join Labour Business as an individual member, and play an active role in all of our activities, nationally and locally. Membership for an individual costs £48 per year, or £24 for those aged under 31.
  6. Once appointed, your BuLO should contact Labour Business for the full package of BuLO documentation:
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