Author: Rachel Burgin

Saving Top Field, Protecting Community Assets from Development

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To my dad, rugby was his religion – the rugby ground, his church. Dad was a committed believer, and as his daughter, my childhood Saturdays were spent watching him play. The “church” was Webb Ellis Road, where Rugby Lions had played for decades. William Webb Ellis was the lad who, in 1823 had, “with a… Read More »

Big Rig: Britain a Nation that Makes Things Again

rachel burgin community assets developers

I left wanting to retrain as a Plumber. That was no small achievement for Britain’s Energy Coast Construction Skills Centre (“BECCSC”). I was an “academic” student at secondary school: I excelled at writing and in core academic subjects. I never took to CDT (Craft, Design and Technology): I had no spatial awareness and was cack-handed with… Read More »

Energy’s Role in a One Nation Industrial Policy

The decline of traditional heavy industries and the growth of our financial and service sectors have left a lasting legacy on our national economy. In short, too much UK wealth is created and consumed in London and the South East. Figures published by the Office of National Statistics demonstrate the scale of the problem (1)…. Read More »

Electricity Market Reform, The Ongoing Challenge

There are three key Energy policy objectives in the UK: Keeping the lights on; Meeting our Climate Change objectives; Tackling fuel poverty. What makes these objectives so demanding is doing all three at the same time. For example, we could meet objective 1 by simply building more energy facilities. Because of the technology limitations of… Read More »

Rebuilding Britain: Towards a Low Carbon Future

“At that time, the West Cumberland Coalfield produced over 2 million tons of coal a year from forty-three collieries: almost nine thousand men worked in the pits. Tell anyone that the pits would be closed by the second half of the century and he would not have listened, let alone believed. West Cumberland sat on… Read More »