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Responding to the tax debate

Labour’s response to the debate on tax avoidance should speak to fairness and social justice whilst being proportionate and pro-business. This would help to lay a path to the sort of ‘big tent” politics that could reach deep into a watchful middle England whilst at the same time re-connecting with voters north of the border…. Read More »

The £1.8 trillion question: what should a pro-business Labour Party sound like?

The scale of Labour’s election loss in May came as a shock to many of us, myself included. But in retrospect, the polls had warned us that Labour substantially trailed the Conservatives on economic competence for much of the last parliament. That simply meant voters were loath to hand us stewardship of the UK economy,… Read More »

Co-creation: the new economic model 

As the centre-left business community comes to terms with the scale of Labour’s defeat, it seems that a new vigour and optimism is returning.   We know how to create jobs and growth. We’ve done it all our lives. And it’s not merely a matter of Labour ‘getting’ business. It’s time for Labour Business to… Read More »

Empower Creative Young People through Political Engagement

roxana andrusca political engagement

Are young people interested in politics? An important question as they are the future. We still need to work on increasing the number of politically active young people, as shown by Labour shadow cabinet member Ivan Lewis. I think young people are actually more interested in public issues and current affairs than is commonly supposed…. Read More »

Focus on Actual Energy Needs to Achieve Real Social Change

josh robson energy social change

How much energy do you need to live in your house? This is a really hard question, because in making it about how much you actually need – rather than how much you currently use – introduces lots of things which will be different for everyone. 1. Some of these are about your circumstances; are… Read More »

Commonwealth Delusion Threatens Britain’s Future in Europe

clark barrett britain commonwealth europe

It is said that men tire of the good and afflict themselves with the bad. Directionless restlessness is a fundamental characteristic of all body politics and nowhere has this been more evident than in the narrowly defeated referendum on Scottish Independence where the desire for “change” with the existing system was frequently raised in support… Read More »