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As an affiliated society to the Labour Party, the Labour Finance and Industry Group is the prime network and policy forum for progressives working in or interested in finance, enterprise and industry in the UK. Whether you are a business or finance veteran or a student, recent graduate or aspiring entrepreneur, LFIG would love to hear from you.

We are constantly drawing in policy and business innovators, employers and employees who do so much to create the wealth that sustains all parts of the United Kingdom.

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WL Conference 2014 002 What a successful Welsh Labour Conference 2014!
As Welsh Labour party members convened for the Welsh Labour Party Conference in Llandudno on the 28-30 March, Labour Finance and Industry Group was proud to launch the public consultations on the Report on Using Public Procurement to Promote Labour's Values.


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josh robson energy markets Energy Nexus: Where Aspiration for Social Justice and Real Limits Meet
by Josh Robson
Energy is the front line. Energy is an intensely political area of business. It always has been. And it could be no other way given a fairly recent history where Government ran generation and supply centrally. Many of our existing energy assets were built under a centralised model. This was changed through political consensus to... Read More »
Jack Eddy Rural Policy Towards a More Resilient, SME Friendly Rural Economy
by Jack Eddy
As a One Nation Labour Party we need to expand our horizons beyond haphazard thinking on rural issues in order to secure a sustainable economy for Britain’s countryside and reach out to the rural electorate. What must be recognised is that rural areas are subject to an intrinsic ‘separation’, a root cause of so many... Read More »
elliot bidgood condition of britain IPPR Sets a Direction for Labour on Welfare
by Elliot Bidgood
This month IPPR published its Condition of Britain report, a spiritual successor to the 1994 Commission on Social Justice that laid the groundwork for the previous Labour government. Condition of Britain focuses on how Labour can bring about social renewal in leaner times and empower individuals and communities, rather than relying solely on monolithic state... Read More »
mike parker transport Put Transport at Heart of Manifesto
by Mike Parker
Perhaps not surprisingly having been involved in transport all my working life, I have found it extremely frustrating that, other than in London, transport has remained so low on Labour’s agenda for so long. Who can remember a national transport commitment- other than perhaps free travel for pensioners in 2005- in any of the last... Read More »
Stephany Griffith Jones British Investment Bank A Financial Sector that Better Serves the UK Economy
by Stephany Griffith-Jones
The UK needs a well-functioning financial sector which supports sustained and inclusive growth of the real economy.
Ben Dyson Money Credit Is it Time to Strip Banks of their Power to Create Money?
by Ben Dyson
Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, has recently argued that we should “strip banks of their power to create money”. In his column, he refers to proposals in the book I co-authored, Modernising Money (see below). The book explains how the power to create money can be removed from the banks that caused the financial crisis and returned to a democratic, transparent and accountable body working in the public interest.