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As an affiliated society to the Labour Party, Labour Business, formally known as the Labour Finance and Industry Group is the prime network and policy forum for progressives working in or interested in finance, enterprise and industry in the UK. Whether you are a business or finance veteran or a student, recent graduate or aspiring entrepreneur, Labour Business would love to hear from you.

We are constantly drawing in policy and business innovators, employers and employees who do so much to create the wealth that sustains all parts of the United Kingdom.

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Sadiq Khan headshot Labour Business (LFIG) publishes London Business Policies - Devised by business experts, the “Labour Business: Policies for London” report sets out detailed policies for London ranging from a shared ownership housing scheme for employers and employees to an innovation challenge fund for London’s outer boroughs.   The report also calls for a network of London apprenticeship agencies, and argues for the expansion of Gatwick... Read More »
WIR:New Co-operative Banking Model Join Us for Our Fringe at Labour Party Conference -                         LFIG Fringe at Labour Party Conference 2015 Date & Time Tuesday 29th September 2015, 17:30 to 19:30 Venue GB1 Terrace, The Grand Hotel Sponsors Labour Finance & Industry Group (LFIG) Chair Philip Ross Speaker Toby Perkins MP Member of Parliament for Chesterfield Additional... Read More »


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ElliotBidgood (1) The £1.8 trillion question: what should a pro-business Labour Party sound like? by Elliot Bidgood - The scale of Labour’s election loss in May came as a shock to many of us, myself included. But in retrospect, the polls had warned us that Labour substantially trailed the Conservatives on economic competence for much of the last parliament. That simply meant voters were loath to hand us stewardship of the UK economy,... Read More »
Phill Co-creation: the new economic model  by Admin - As the centre-left business community comes to terms with the scale of Labour’s defeat, it seems that a new vigour and optimism is returning.   We know how to create jobs and growth. We’ve done it all our lives. And it’s not merely a matter of Labour ‘getting’ business. It’s time for Labour Business to... Read More »
Headshot of Peter Droussitis A crisis of confidence in the European project by Peter Droussiotis - Greece is in a mess primarily because successive Greek governments failed to take the tough measures necessary to modernise the country’s economy and institutions. If the country was not in the eurozone then it could have taken radical steps of its own to correct mistakes of the past just as the United Kingdom did following... Read More »
david phillips labour economy A Dynamic Rebalanced Economy Supporting Strong Public Finances by David Phillips - A BETTER PLAN FOR BUSINESS: A Dynamic, Rebalanced Economy with Strong Public Finances The first day of the 2015 general election campaign saw Ed Miliband launch Labour’s compelling Plan for British Business at Bloomberg’s in London. His overarching vision is one where our business sector succeeds when working people succeed. Focusing on the great strengths... Read More »
rebecca evans dairy farming wales Welsh Labour Supporting Our Dairy Farmers by Rebecca Evans - Our dairy industry is facing real challenges. For several years there has been volatility in the farmgate milk price and a general increase in the cost of production, such that the margin on milk has been small and variable. This situation has led to a lack of confidence, resulting in low investment in farm infrastructure... Read More »
Brodie Houlette innovation and growth Labour the Party for Innovators and Business by Brodie Houlette - Forget the Coalition’s rhetoric – Wales is a Labour success story with innovation and long-term thinking at its heart. The Welsh Government headed by Carwyn Jones AM shows the rest of our Labour family how to run a successful government in times of austerity and spiteful cuts from Whitehall. Labour must not forget that it... Read More »