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As an affiliated society to the Labour Party, Labour Business, formally known as the Labour Finance and Industry Group is the prime network and policy forum for progressives working in or interested in finance, enterprise and industry in the UK. Whether you are a business or finance veteran or a student, recent graduate or aspiring entrepreneur, Labour Business would love to hear from you.

We are constantly drawing in policy and business innovators, employers and employees who do so much to create the wealth that sustains all parts of the United Kingdom.

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Hamish Sandison, LFIG Chair Labour Business – What’s it all about? - By Hamish Sandison, Chair, Labour Business Welcome to Labour Business, the new-look (former) Labour Finance and Industry Group (LFIG). As Chair of Labour Business, I wanted to share with you the thinking behind our new name, and our aims for the future. Labour Business – formerly known as the Labour Finance and Industry Group or... Read More »
stephen kinnock Labour Business launches with Stephen Kinnock’s new vision for Labour’s relationship with Business - On Monday night, we said farewell to the Labour Finance and Industry Group (LFIG) as it relaunched under its new name, Labour Business. Labour Business has an incredibly proud history: it was established by Harold Wilson in 1972 to start that conversation with the business community which Labour must have in order to win elections, and remains the oldest, largest,... Read More »


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Labour Business supports statement condemning recent racists attacks by Tom Morrison-Bell - Labour Business wholeheartedly supports a recent statement tabled by the Society for Labour lawyers and agreed by the Socialist Societies condemning the shameful racist attacks that followed the European Referendum result. “The Society of Labour Lawyers condemns the racist and xenophobic attacks which have been reported to have taken place across the United Kingdom. Racially... Read More »
Peter Drus Britain at the heart of Europe is the only sensible choice by Admin - By Peter Droussiotis More than three months after the EU referendum in the United Kingdom was announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron and less than a month before the British people give their verdict and after countless debates, speeches, articles and commentary, there can be no doubt that the Leave campaign has completely run... Read More »
sanjay mehta Responding to the tax debate by Admin - Labour’s response to the debate on tax avoidance should speak to fairness and social justice whilst being proportionate and pro-business. This would help to lay a path to the sort of ‘big tent” politics that could reach deep into a watchful middle England whilst at the same time re-connecting with voters north of the border.... Read More »
Let’s stamp out the idea that Labour is anti-business by Tom Morrison-Bell - Stephen Kinnock MP and Hamish Sandison, Chair of Labour Business, outline how to bust the myth that Labour is anti-business. First published in Labour List, Thursday 13th May Last week, London was Boris Johnson’s London. This week, London is a changed city, a Labour London – Sadiq Khan’s London. There is much we can and should... Read More »
ElliotBidgood (1) The £1.8 trillion question: what should a pro-business Labour Party sound like? by Elliot Bidgood - The scale of Labour’s election loss in May came as a shock to many of us, myself included. But in retrospect, the polls had warned us that Labour substantially trailed the Conservatives on economic competence for much of the last parliament. That simply meant voters were loath to hand us stewardship of the UK economy,... Read More »
Phill Co-creation: the new economic model  by Admin - As the centre-left business community comes to terms with the scale of Labour’s defeat, it seems that a new vigour and optimism is returning.   We know how to create jobs and growth. We’ve done it all our lives. And it’s not merely a matter of Labour ‘getting’ business. It’s time for Labour Business to... Read More »