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As an affiliated society to the Labour Party, the Labour Finance and Industry Group is the prime network and policy forum for progressives working in or interested in finance, enterprise and industry in the UK. Whether you are a business or finance veteran or a student, recent graduate or aspiring entrepreneur, LFIG would love to hear from you.

We are constantly drawing in policy and business innovators, employers and employees who do so much to create the wealth that sustains all parts of the United Kingdom.

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The Manchester Central convention complex LFIG at Labour Party Annual Conference 2014
The Labour Finance and Industry Group (LFIG) is present at the 2014 Labour Party Annual Conference in Manchester with an exhibition stand and a range of fringe events on topics including public procurement, transport and empowering freelancers, start-ups and small business.
freelancers LFIG Report: The Freelancing Agenda
A new LFIG report calls for freelancing to be placed at the heart of the Labour party's policy agenda. “Freelancers and the self-employed deserve to have their own policy agenda and framework” says Philip Ross author of the new Labour Finance and Industry Report entitled ‘The Freelancing Agenda’.


Latest Opinion

on course for rocks autumn statement 2014 Editorial: On Course…for the Rocks
by LFIG Editor
The Chancellor declared in his Autumn Statement that Britain was on course for a budget surplus, growth and national recovery. Yet at the outset he had staked his credibility on removing the deficit within this Parliament. Not only has the government failed in this overarching goal, but the deficit is unlikely to be eliminated until... Read More »
alex mckerrow aspirations disadvantaged young people Raising Aspirations in Coast and Country
by Alex McKerrow
It does not take much for figures on social mobility to astound our consciousness. Given one in every six children are still in relative poverty, it seems Britain is still a broadly unequal society. This situation underpins any modern progressive: spurring each of us on in finding solutions to tackle these problems. Under the last... Read More »
josh robson energy social change Focus on Actual Energy Needs to Achieve Real Social Change
by Josh Robson
How much energy do you need to live in your house? This is a really hard question, because in making it about how much you actually need – rather than how much you currently use – introduces lots of things which will be different for everyone. 1. Some of these are about your circumstances; are... Read More »
clark barrett britain commonwealth europe Commonwealth Delusion Threatens Britain’s Future in Europe
by Clark Barrett
It is said that men tire of the good and afflict themselves with the bad. Directionless restlessness is a fundamental characteristic of all body politics and nowhere has this been more evident than in the narrowly defeated referendum on Scottish Independence where the desire for “change” with the existing system was frequently raised in support... Read More »
david phillips shadow banks Shadow Banking, the Elephant in the Room
by David Phillips
Recent developments in bank regulation have increased capital requirements for banks and so constrained lending, which shows up in small business struggling to secure finance. The regulations originate from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) (Basel III – new measures to strengthen regulation, supervision and risk management) and the European Union Capital Requirements Directive... Read More »
david phillips global financial stability Editorial: Towards a More Stable Global Financial System
by David Phillips
Resolving Macro-Prudential Matters Without Taxpayer Subsidy And so the US Federal Reserve brings to an end its $3.7 trillion QE experiment which ostensibly was introduced to kick start the economy, though this programme combined with a zero interest rate policy (two “subsidies”) has also enabled misallocated capital to continue propping up zombie companies. We must... Read More »