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As an affiliated society to the Labour Party, the Labour Finance and Industry Group is the prime network and policy forum for progressives working in or interested in finance, enterprise and industry in the UK. Whether you are a business or finance veteran or a student, recent graduate or aspiring entrepreneur, LFIG would love to hear from you.

We are constantly drawing in policy and business innovators, employers and employees who do so much to create the wealth that sustains all parts of the United Kingdom.

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procurement LFIG/Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) Report: A Socially Responsible Procurement Policy
A new LFIG/Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) Report recommends ways of introducing a socially responsible procurement policy for the next Labour Government. This report, prepared for the Labour Finance and Industry Group and the Society of Labour Lawyers by an authoritative task force of lawyers, procurement professionals, trade union officers and business experts, busts the... Read More »
The Manchester Central convention complex LFIG at Labour Party Annual Conference 2014
The Labour Finance and Industry Group (LFIG) is present at the 2014 Labour Party Annual Conference in Manchester with an exhibition stand and a range of fringe events on topics including public procurement, transport and empowering freelancers, start-ups and small business.


Latest Opinion

david phillips labour economy A Dynamic Rebalanced Economy Supporting Strong Public Finances
by David Phillips
A BETTER PLAN FOR BUSINESS: A Dynamic, Rebalanced Economy with Strong Public Finances The first day of the 2015 general election campaign saw Ed Miliband launch Labour’s compelling Plan for British Business at Bloomberg’s in London. His overarching vision is one where our business sector succeeds when working people succeed. Focusing on the great strengths... Read More »
rebecca evans dairy farming wales Welsh Labour Supporting Our Dairy Farmers
by Rebecca Evans
Our dairy industry is facing real challenges. For several years there has been volatility in the farmgate milk price and a general increase in the cost of production, such that the margin on milk has been small and variable. This situation has led to a lack of confidence, resulting in low investment in farm infrastructure... Read More »
Brodie Houlette innovation and growth Labour the Party for Innovators and Business
by Brodie Houlette
Forget the Coalition’s rhetoric – Wales is a Labour success story with innovation and long-term thinking at its heart. The Welsh Government headed by Carwyn Jones AM shows the rest of our Labour family how to run a successful government in times of austerity and spiteful cuts from Whitehall. Labour must not forget that it... Read More »
karen landles lfig marginal seats LFIG Campaigning Hard in 2015 Key Seats
by Karen Landles
This week I went along to a debate on the economy organised by the Labour Party, an opportunity to hear Chuka set out the business growth plans for a Labour Government. It was a clear, economically sensible and value driven strategy for wealth creation, a much needed alternative to austerity, which has failed every test... Read More »
roxana andrusca political engagement Empower Creative Young People through Political Engagement
by Roxana Andrusca
Are young people interested in politics? An important question as they are the future. We still need to work on increasing the number of politically active young people, as shown by Labour shadow cabinet member Ivan Lewis. I think young people are actually more interested in public issues and current affairs than is commonly supposed.... Read More »
on course for rocks autumn statement 2014 Editorial: On Course…for the Rocks
by LFIG Editor
The Chancellor declared in his Autumn Statement that Britain was on course for a budget surplus, growth and national recovery. Yet at the outset he had staked his credibility on removing the deficit within this Parliament. Not only has the government failed in this overarching goal, but the deficit is unlikely to be eliminated until... Read More »